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Raby Castle was once owned by the Neville family and is said to still be haunted by Charles Neville, Earl of Westmorland. He was forced to surrender to Henry VIII after the successful Rising of the Northern Earls

In latter years the castle was passed to the Vane family, one of which (Henry) was imprisoned by the Stuarts and ordered to be executed. He was said to have still been trying to give his last speech to his people when his head was chopped off! His headless ghost is often seen in the Library at Raby with his head sitting on the desk in front of him still trying to talk through his speech. Finally, the last ghosts of Raby are those murdered by Maria Cotton, who chase each other merrily through the castle grounds, and surrounding countryside.

Castle Rising, located close to the town of King's Lynn, is said to have once been a busy seaport, athough the sea is now situated over four miles from the Castle itself. In 1327, Edward was deposed in favour of his son (Edward III), and the former King was eventually murdered by a close friend and escort of Isabelle's, Roger Mortimer.

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Haunted places in London

London is more than royal family, Big Ben, British Museum, red buses and London Eye. Those who are passionate and want to fill the thrills in this city will be amazed to discover there are many haunted places spread all over London streets. Whether it is a local pub, hotel, park or even The Tower of London, these are some of the most legendary, scary places in London.

Explore the haunted side of London

If you consider going for a scary tour with an escort Paris, you should begin with 50 Berkeley Square in Mayfair, Central London. This townhouse was built in the early 1700s, but it became “The most haunted house in London” around the 1900s. They say the attic is haunted by the ghost of a young woman who committed suicide by throwing herself from the top floor windows after being abused by her uncle. Her spirit takes the form of a brown mist, frightening to death those who see it. In 1872, 1879 and 1887 people were reported to die or become mad after sleeping in the attic.

Come with your escorts and explore Sutton House on Homerton High Street, Hackney, which is home to several ghosts, as some would say. This building built in 1535 is now open to the public for £3.50 per adult. You may hear dogs wailing late at night or even see the ghost of the “White Lady”, a woman who died giving birth to twins back in the year 1574.

In case these places are not scary enough for you, visit The Langham Hotel and sleep in the room 333. This hotel located on Portland Place, Regent Street is haunted by the ghost of a man from the Victorian era and who has its legs cut off. The Georgian House Hotel will give you the opportunity to see a ghost for a more affordable price. If doors are slammed, things are moved around or items fall from shelves, these are a few signs that the spirit is close. Book the rooms 10 and 12 and you may encounter a paranormal experience.

Paranormal experiences with your escort

Visit Old Queen’s Head, this traditional Islington pub, and savour a beer with a ghost. Perhaps your escort Paris will not be amused with this situation, but they say the place is haunted by a woman and escort Paris in Tudor attire. The escort was seen running ahead of people who walked up the stairs, she slammed doors and people heard her crying or stepping all over the place. As pub goers say, spooky things happen on the first Sunday of each month.

Then Bells on Commercial Street nearby the tube Liverpool Street is another pub that was visited by a ghost. But if you ever go to The Tower of London, keep in mind that this place is haunted. Arbella Stuart, Queen Ann Boleyn, a white lady and young princes Edward V and his brother Richard are the ghosts who appeared at some point in The Tower of London. Whether you book your stay in a haunted hotel, drink a cup of tea in a scary pub or walk in Finsbury Park, come here at your own risk. Are you ready for a paranormal encounter?

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