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Raby Castle was once owned by the Neville family and is said to still be haunted by Charles Neville, Earl of Westmorland. He was forced to surrender to Henry VIII after the successful Rising of the Northern Earls.

Charles Nevilles ghost has been seen heading for the Barons Hall, where in 1569 he and his men were deciding that such a trip would be unwise, when they were interrupted by Mrs Neville who branded them as cowards!

In response to such a statement, the men fought and lost, leaving the Earl to flee to Scotland, and finally Holland where his body is buried. In latter years the castle was passed to the Vane family, one of which (Henry) was imprisoned by the Stuarts and ordered to be executed. He was said to have still been trying to give his last speech to his people when his head was chopped off! His headless ghost is often seen in the Library at Raby with his head sitting on the desk in front of him still trying to talk through his speech.

There was no reply and the rest of his overnight stay was uneventful. Over time the spirit’s voice became stronger. The Bell case being one of a few poltergeist cases where the entity could actually speak.

Staff members were becoming more and more frightened to work in certain areas of the store and according to some workers, objects were flying twenty feet through the air and hitting them. As a last resort, psychic Sylvia Brown was called in to investigate. She contacted the spirit of Johnny Johnson, a young man who worked on a ranch that had existed on the site of the store during the 1800's. Delving deeper, Sylvia discovered that Johnny was mentally impaired and came to be known as Crazy Johnny by his fellow ranch hands. In 1884 Johnny passed into the world of spirit, after hitting his leg with an axe while cutting wood and bleeding to death next to a well on the property, where his body was found some days later.