The Ghost Database Authors

A good ghost story will keep you alive in the darkest hours of the night. The characters will get out from the books and haunt your dreams with their malicious presence. Whether you wish to get in the mood for Halloween or you simply enjoy reading ghost stories, here are some of the best authors and their ghost novels that you should read before bedtime.

Spirits and ghosts will give you the thrills

Susan Hill wrote several ghost stories that are highly appreciated by critics. “Dolly: A Ghost Story” and “The Woman in Black” are rumoured to be two of her best ghost stories. Currently renowned as the mistress of the modern ghost stories, Susan Hill tells her “Dolly” story through the eyes of a lonely child and his adult self who remembers of a summer spent with his weird cousin. “The Woman in Black” will recall you the writing of Jane Austen, but the action will definitely haunt you with child screams coming from the fog and terrifying secrets of the woman in black.

Penelope Lively’ s “The Ghost of Thomas Kempe” is centred on a modern family and a ghost disturbed by them. It will intrigue you with its alarming moments. But if you want to read something that will really scare you, try Stephen King’ s “Joyland”, where a college student is haunted by the spirit of a young girl who cruelly died on a thrill ride.

Read the gothic novels of John Harwood and you will not be able to put away the book until you finish it. He perfectly mixes deception with madness and unexplained events that will keep you enticed with their paranormal moments. Edgar Allan Poe and Henry James are two classics that are worth being read at any moment of day or night. Keep their books on your nightstand and you will barely close your eyes in the deep dark surrounding you.